Avatars Might Soon Be Coming to WhatsApp to Be Used As Stickers, Masks, and Profile Images

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 26 Sep 2022
Avatars Might Soon Be Coming to WhatsApp to Be Used As Stickers, Masks, and Profile Images Image

One of the fastest-growing and best-known multi-platform messaging services, WhatsApp, has been working committedly towards making its client a friendlier and more convenient place for users. In the past few months alone, the chat app owned by Meta has rolled out or announced to be preparing to do so in the nearest future over a dozen new exciting features, including Communities, Admin Deletes, Group Polls, Supergroups, and even WhatsApp Insurance for Indian customers.

Now the company appears to be working on another curious feature that might allow chat client users to create personalized avatars and then put those on their profile pictures, turn them into custom stickers, or wear them as masks during video calls. Once it is fully out, the new WhatsApp option will automatically generate a custom pack of avatar-based stickers that you can share within your chats and groups to liven up communications and give your virtual interactions an even more personalized touch.

According to WABetaInfo, a tech portal that tracks information about the latest platform updates, the innovation is currently under construction and is only available in the WhatsApp Android beta version How long it will take the function to reach a broader audience of users is still unknown. From experience, WhatsApp is not the one to hold back a thrilling announcement, so the Avatar functionality might be arriving on our phones sooner than we expect. Better keep your chat client updated to the most recent version to be sure you are among the first to try it!

Are you excited about personalized avatars coming to WhatsApp? Have you seen the screenshots shared by the WABetaInfo team? Did you love the aesthetic of it? Speak up in the comments if you would like to share your opinion!

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