Attention CarPlay Users: iPhone Google Maps Improves

  • Oliver Michael
  • 04 Jul 2021
Attention CarPlay Users: iPhone Google Maps Improves Image

When did we last see a Google Maps changelog? 100 years ago? Well, the lazy software giant finally decided to revamp the essential navigation app. This time, the new version improves the user experience on Apple devices. 

Modest Official Changelog

Although the official changelog by Google says that the update includes only “bug fixes to improve the product,” the truth seems to be much more exciting. Of course, the new build finally solves some annoying previously reported bugs, but it also comes with unexpected refinements that largely improve the service’s performance in particular use case scenarios. 

First of all, the developer has finally solved the route indicator issue. For some reason, Google Maps could forget to highlight the route you are following, making navigation a total disaster, especially for megapolis commuters. The glitch was removed from the Android Auto version soon after the first wave of reports. However, the iOS fix was introduced only in mid-June. You can already install the update and make the app show you the route in the normal regime. 

Additionally, the app has finally stopped losing GPS tracking on iPhones. Although the company didn’t announce the fix, many iPhone users report that the issue has gone and doesn’t return at all. 

How to Update

If auto-updates are enabled on your device, you’ve already received all the fixes. If not, you can manually check the app version by going to the Settings menu inside the app and tapping About  > Terms and Privacy. You can also go to the App Store and scan the app fr updates to install them manually. 

More to Come?

At last, Google Maps works perfectly fine on both Android and iOS. But do we need more improvements? Share your experience of using the app in the comments and offer the updates you would like to see. Other CarPlay users will also appreciate it if you share the article with them. 

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