Apple Pay Coming to New Browsers

  • Oliver Michael
  • 02 Aug 2022
Apple Pay Coming to New Browsers Image

With iOS 16 on the way, its beta shows many intriguing features previously non-existent on the other platforms developed by Apple. As of now, there are rumors that you might be able to access Apple Pay from different browsers on your phone.

Users noticed that they could proceed to Apple Pay after they tried to purchase in Chrome or Edge while using iOS 16 beta 4. This is something new since on iOS 15 – this application works only in Safari. Older browsers prevent you from using Apple Pay completely, so you will be made to update your system.

Nevertheless, you can’t access this function from the latest macOS beta. This might be connected to the usage of different render engines by browsers installed on your PC. iPhone applications run on the Safari engine, which allows Apple to easily integrate Apple Pay in the new version.

There are no exact details about Apple Pay working in Firefox. This browser is not as popular as Chrome or Edge, but some trials showed that it could possibly run in the latest iOS 16 beta. We will still need to see whether Apple Pay will get any support on the macOS.

It might be unexpected, but Apple seems to comply with the recent laws installed by the European Union. The Digital Markets Act will take full power in spring 2023, but companies like Google, Meta, and Apple are already making changes.

The laws state that more tech giants should give space to small companies and let the market be competitive. Usage of third-party engines is one of the steps Apple can take to keep the EU pleased. Nevertheless, the company still pushes its agenda and recently got millions of fees from refusing to use in-app payment rules in Dutch dating apps.

Have you tried out the iOS 16 beta? What other features do you find interesting? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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