Apple Music Rolls Out New Impressive Widgets

  • Oliver Michael
  • 30 Mar 2022
Apple Music Rolls Out New Impressive Widgets Image

Is Apple Music on Android better than on iOS? Well, at least in one respect, it is. In March 2022, Apple presents a selection of widgets for the Apple Music app on Android. And they look great, along with making controls much easier. Not that it’s a reason to switch, but if you’re already on Apple Music, you’ll appreciate them.

 As you choose to add widgets to your home screen, you can find two widgets by Apple Music. Now they are revamped to provide a better visual experience, and it shows on both of them. While no music is playing, the color of these widgets remains the default red that you can see on the white background of the original icon. But when you start playing a track, the background color changes to match the main color of the artwork.

 It's especially spectacular if you have both widgets installed on the same home screen, next to one another. Then most of your screen is artwork colored. And even more of that if you have expanded the widgets to their maximum size: then it covers your screen almost entirely. And we would recommend exactly this because none of these widgets can replace the other. In addition, you will see the same design in the notification panel while the music is playing, also being able to control the playback from there.

 As for sizes, they can also change. The smaller widget with playback controls supports 1*3 and 1*4 sizes, while the recently played one can be resized from 2*2 to 4*4, adding more recent playlists and albums as it expands. Even when they are both stretched to the max, they still fit on the same screen if you dedicate it to Apple Music entirely.

 Do you like the way Apple Music now looks on Android? Do you think it’s still a choice even beyond its native iOS? How does it compare to Spotify, Tidal, or Pandora in your mind? Let’s share our impressions in the comments!

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