Amazon Adds an Alexa Command You Have Been Missing

  • Oliver Michael
  • 08 Nov 2021
Amazon Adds an Alexa Command You Have Been Missing Image

It’s time to shake your wallets and look at Echo speakers you wanted to buy but had considered too expensive until Black Friday. Though, the first thing you get is free. Amazon rolls out a huge update for Alexa. It will impact all the devices that currently support this voice assistant.

Of course, those with multiple Alexa speakers by Amazon will benefit the most from it. For example, it will be enough to say the command to move the audio from room to room as you listen to the music on multiple Echo or other Alexa-supporting speakers. Now you only need to say where you want the music to play – like “Alexa, move my music to the bedroom” (or where you have these speakers installed). Or simply pause it in one room and resume in another. It works with Echo Buds as well: just say to its mic “Alexa, move my music here”, and the audio will be redirected in a moment.

It’s hard to overrate this feature if you are a music fan. Especially if you like to listen to it wherever you are, including your bathroom. Don’t forget to take safety measures when installing a speaker there; the further from the water, the better. That’s the place where voice control becomes even more of a thing than anywhere else. Having it in any other room is also a great option.

It makes even more sense with audiobooks. If you don’t want to stop listening and are not eager to miss a word, this traveling audio is the solution. Amazon is still about books as well.

If you still think whether getting another Alexa device makes sense, especially if you already have one or two, maybe Black Friday will affect your decision. Speakers by Amazon and other vendors become available for bargain prices now. Amazon Echo is a good one, and an audiophile option Amazon Echo Studio is even better (though more expensive as well). So, why not get another Echo speaker and enjoy it with this cool new feature? If you use Alexa, tell us if it’s useful at your home in the comments.  

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