A Follow-Up To The Fall Guy Is Scripted And Prepared For Production

  • Oliver Michael
  • 07 May 2024
A Follow-Up To The Fall Guy Is Scripted And Prepared For Production Image

While "The Fall Guy" has only graced the big screen for a brief period, and it appears not to be attracting a massive audience just yet, with its earnings reaching about $64 million following its debut weekend—presumably only half of what it cost to create—the film's leading man Ryan Gosling and the creative force behind it are crossing their fingers that audience enthusiasm will grow enough to warrant a revisit to this story's universe.

In a conversation with Fast Company, the topic of performing additional daring acts in a potential follow-up to the movie came up. Gosling responded and let slip that the blueprint for a sequel is already drafted and awaiting its signal.

"The next chapter almost formulated itself. The narrative is something we're quite familiar with. We hope that the viewers form an attachment to this initial film, enabling us to explore the lives of these characters further. We have a deep affection for them and the universe they inhabit, and I'm optimistic about our ability to continue their journey."

Gosling expanded his thoughts by saying, "We have such a fondness for these individuals that we were driven by curiosity to map out their future adventures, just for ourselves. What lies ahead for Colt and [Emily Blunt's character] Jody once the curtains close? What awaits them in the next chapter? And we are in full grasp of those details. So we hope the audience is just as eager to find out."


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