Unleashing Firepower in Hyrule: Tears of the Kingdom Player Crafts a Powerful Gatling Cannon

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 19 Jul 2023
Unleashing Firepower in Hyrule: Tears of the Kingdom Player Crafts a Powerful Gatling Cannon Image

The vast and dynamic world of "Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" has witnessed an incredible feat. A creative player has assembled a formidable Gatling cannon capable of obliterating enemies in the blink of an eye. This extraordinary achievement adds to the growing list of player-crafted contraptions ranging from guardian stalkers to autonomous drones, showcasing the sheer ingenuity the gaming community possesses.

The open-world game encourages tinkering and invention, with players crafting self-propelled boats, off-road buggies, and even mechanical monsters influenced by real-life animals. The game's unique building mechanics invite players to push their creative boundaries, leading to a plethora of engineering brilliance. The game community recently marveled at an Iron Man suit and a mobile snake mech, each pushing the game’s engineering envelope further.

One player revealed their awe-inspiring Gatling cannon build on Instagram. This unusual weapon is a clever fusion of a spinning Zonai stack, a wheel, and an assortment of cannons. The builder attached a stack to a wheel via an axle to create a fixed spinning mechanism and fixed two rare Zonai batteries to the stack, located in select shrine treasure chests. However, this impressive structure needs to be manually crafted as the game's Autobuild feature can't cope with adding individual cannons.

While the Gatling cannon design predominantly uses Zonai devices, its functionality requires a large amount of Zonaite, a rare material in "Tears of the Kingdom." This requirement might pose a disadvantage in comparison to other death machines. Nevertheless, many players lauded the practicality of this automatic cannon for clearing enemy hordes, with one jokingly remarking that it could be dubbed a "War Crimes Simulator."

"Tears of the Kingdom" encourages creation and destruction, with players inventing simple, efficient vehicles for traversing Hyrule's expansive map and battling enemies. The plethora of Zonai devices available permits players to weaponize their vehicles and extend their capabilities. Given the game's seemingly limitless possibilities, it's genuinely exciting to contemplate what mind-boggling innovations players will come up with next.


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