Twitch Is Ceasing Operations In Korea

  • Oliver Michael
  • 07 Dec 2023
Twitch Is Ceasing Operations In Korea Image

In an unexpected development, the live-streaming service Twitch has declared its intention to cease operations in Korea. The company's CEO, Dan Clancy, disclosed through a blog post that the operational costs in Korea are so exorbitant that maintaining the platform there is no longer economically feasible.

Twitch explored alternative strategies to circumvent this closure, including peer-to-peer streaming and reducing the maximum streaming resolution to lower expenses. However, these measures were insufficient as network fees in Korea still remain about ten times higher than in other regions.

Furthermore, Twitch has committed to assisting Korean content creators who have established communities on the platform in transitioning to other locations or platforms if necessary.

Dan Clancy expressed his regret over this decision, emphasizing Korea's valued contribution to the global esports scene and expressing gratitude towards the Korean Twitch communities for their engagement on the platform.

The timeline for Twitch's shutdown in Korea begins with the removal of monetization features for Korean streamers on February 27, 2024. Subsequently, affiliates and partners will be phased out by June 4, 2024.

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