Metroid Prime Developers Criticize Remaster for Lack of Credit to Original Team

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 13 Feb 2023
Metroid Prime Developers Criticize Remaster for Lack of Credit to Original Team Image

A recent remaster of the popular 2002 Nintendo game Metroid Prime came under fire from two developers of the original version. Zoid Kirsch, who worked as Senior Gameplay Engineer on the original Metroid Prime at Retro Studios, posted a screenshot from the remaster credits to Twitter. The message reads, “Based on the work of Metroid Prime (original Nintendo Gamecube and Wii versions) development staff, with no mention or full credits for those who worked on the original version. This has drawn criticism from both Kirsch and other members of the development team.

Some denounced the omission of this information for overlooking those responsible for creating such an iconic video game experience in favor of giving credit solely to those involved in its remastering. Others noted that while it is understandable that credit should be given where due, there should also be recognition towards members whose hard work led to this classic being enjoyed even today without any changes whatsoever - despite its age.

The lack of acknowledgment comes despite previous interviews with Retro Studio's president Michael Kelbaugh stating that most people working on developing games don't get much recognition compared to people working in marketing and other areas outside development, such as audio engineers or sound designers, regardless of they are credited or not which adds fuel to this particular fire since a lot have been left out here quite literally.

It is worth noting, though, that Nintendo included some form of thanks towards these individuals within their press release announcement regarding their plans for reviving classics like Metroid Prime Trilogy HD back when news first broke about it earlier this year - but this does little more than serve as an acknowledgment rather than actual tangible credit worthy recognition.

Many feel that these developers deserve far more appreciation than they currently receive, especially considering how important and influential their work was when gaming was still relatively new. With so many gamers relying heavily on nostalgia when playing old classics like Metroid Prime, it would seem reasonable enough to offer full credit where due – but only time will tell if Nintendo takes heed into addressing this issue properly, amongst others.

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