Give Yourself a Netflix-Inspired Quiz With This New Exciting Party Game!

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 03 Sep 2022
Give Yourself a Netflix-Inspired Quiz With This New Exciting Party Game! Image

Netflix's roster of games is expanding to include yet another exciting title called Netflix Heads Up! The new addition is an exclusive Netflix-themed version of the popular mobile charade game where one of the players holds up their outward-facing phone so that the rest of the participants can read the word that appears on the screen. The friends’ job is to give the player various clues to help the person holding the phone guess as many words within 1 minute as possible.

Designed by Gasket Games, a Vancouver-based development studio, the app features 28 new decks of guessing cards, all inspired by Netflix’s most renowned shows like Stranger Things and Squid Games. The Netflix Heads Up! game is translated into 13 languages and is now available to over 220 million service subscribers worldwide, both iOS and Android users.

The new app should also appeal strongly to Netflix's social channel followers as there are decks inspired by the platform's Geeked, NetflixIsAJoke, and Strong Black Lead services. They will provide the game with content themed around comic books, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and video games, as well as black actors, entertainers, series, and films.

Netflix Heads Up! is extremely fun and addictive to play with your family, coworkers, or friends at a party. It is a new, refreshing take on the classic word-guessing game and the added excitement comes from Netflix’s unique content being the key source of ideas. The game might be slightly more challenging than its traditional counterpart, as a lot here depends on how familiar the players are with the creations of the world-famous subscription-based streaming service.

Have you had a chance to try Netflix Heads Up? What are your impressions of the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below this post!

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