Ghost of Tsushima Plus: All Details About the Latest Update

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 19 Oct 2020
Ghost of Tsushima Plus: All Details About the Latest Update Image

The latest Ghost of Tsushima update, which rolled in on the 16th of October, is a big deal. Despite it is only a version 1.1 patch, it adds lots of new content, including the New Game Plus mode, cooperative mode, gear load-outs, and more.

New Game Plus

The biggest part of the update is the New Game Plus mode, which allows you to replay the full game after beating it without having to reset your progress. The system works pretty much like it always does in Sony’s exclusive games: you start right from the beginning, having all your gear available to use against the upgraded enemies. As always, the difficulty levels remain the same with a “+” added to them so that you are able to configure it comfortably for your new game.

One good thing about the New Game Plus mode is that you will not need to go through all the tutorials and introductions: you are almost instantly dropped into the open world. This is also great for those who want to replay Ghost of Tsushima as it saves much time on the introductory cutscenes.

ghost of tsushima hero

Last point about the mode is the new merchant added to the game. He mostly sells cosmetics, but there are two new sets available in his store as well. However, all the purchases are made with a new currency, which is only obtained by re-completing the quests in the New Game Plus mode.

Loadouts and Coop

The new loadouts are also a great feature to re-visit Ghost of Tsushima and enjoy the game more. It is more a utility but a useful one: it allows you to save armor and charm presets to switch them quickly. This was a big deal in the previous version as in the late game. You had to spend much time scrolling through the menus to switch the gear. However, you will need to spend some time, but only once. Configuring all your presets is not so fast if you already got lots of charms and armors.

Ghost of Tsushima equipment menu

We have mentioned in the introduction that the update also brings a cooperative mode to the game, but that is not exactly right. There are two cooperative modes in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, which is an add-on inside the update. The first mode is a set of missions for two players, while the second is a survival gauntlet for teams of up to three people.

Pay a Visit

The update of Ghost of Tsushima PS4 edition is a great option to re-visit the game once again on the current generation consoles. However, if you are planning to buy PlayStation 5, the update can wait. We remind that not only PS5 will have Ghost of Tsushima in its library, but it will also support 60 FPS.


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