Fan Creates Impressive Rykard Replica in Fortnite Creative Mode

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 14 Mar 2023
Fan Creates Impressive Rykard Replica in Fortnite Creative Mode Image

Rykard is a monstrous being from the upcoming action-adventure game Elden Ring. He is described as a giant snake monster with a human face and is known for his obsession with eating things to gain power. While Rykard has been featured in several forms of art, one fan has decided to take it to the next level by recreating the horror character in Fortnite's creative mode. 

Fortnite's creative mode was released in 2018 and allowed players to design their own games and experiences within the Fortnite universe. Players have used creative mode to make homages to other popular games as well as films and music, but Rykard's recreation is something special. Reddit user MrEIectric managed to match the game's horror theme, using NES pixel art to achieve the closest possible similarity to the original version in Elden Ring. 

MrEIectric even managed to match Rykard's lighting, and with the update to creative mode, it is possible to recreate games such as Rocket League in their entirety. The user has also recreated Malenia, Starscourge Radahn, and the original Fortnite map from 2017 in the creative mode, demonstrating the versatility of the mode and the possibilities available to fans.  

Other users have requested that MrEIectric make more characters from Elden Ring, such as Ranni, and have commented on the impressive detail in his creations. Clearly, with dedication, passion, and talent, fans can produce content that rivals official releases.

In conclusion, Rykard's recreation in Fortnite's creative mode is a testament to fans' passion and creativity. Creative mode has allowed these players to express themselves and to recreate their favorite franchises or genres in Fortnite. Clearly, with enough dedication and talent, fans can produce content to rival official releases.

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