Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Ushers in a New Era of Online Battles

  • Oliver Michael
  • 27 Nov 2023
Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Ushers in a New Era of Online Battles Image

As anticipation has brewed since the exhilarating announcement at EVO 2022, the gripping spectacle that is Dragon Ball FighterZ is finally ready to elevate the online experience for its legions of fans. Following a tense period of delays and uncertainty, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have broken their silence, revealing the much-awaited dates for the game's rollback netcode public beta test.

This thrust forward is a seismic shift for FighterZ’s competitive scene. The prospect of rollback netcode promises to drastically diminish the latency issues that have marred online matches, ensuring a fluid battle experience akin to face-to-face combat. As competitive players know all too well, a smooth online environment can make or break the gaming experience, and FighterZ's commitment to this upgrade showcases a dedication to excellence.

Commencing from November 30 to December 10, PC gamers on Steam will be the vanguard, the first to taste the fruits of the developers’ labors during the beta test period. While console warriors must bide their time a little longer, this crucial period lays down the foundation for more inclusive platform testing that extends to next-gen re-releases, which promise a complimentary upgrade for previous PC, PS4, and Xbox One version owners. Still, it bears noting that Fighters loyal to the Nintendo Switch will regrettably miss out on this evolution of the game's online system.

Experiencing delays could have been a significant setback to fan enthusiasm. Yet Tomoko Hiroki, the dedicated producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, extends sincere apologies and appreciation that could heal any dissension among the game's enthusiasts. The invitation for fans to remain alert for upcoming news highlights the community-oriented approach that Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have skillfully adopted.

As the alpha test looms on the horizon, FighterZ aficionados are poised at the threshold of a new epoch. Computer monitors and LED screens will once again blaze with the intensity of Kamehamehas and Spirit Bombs, this time backed by an online battleground worthy of the Z Fighters' legacy. It is the dawn of a freshly revitalized arena where skill and connection quality walk hand in hand into the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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