Atlas Fallen - Conquer the New World on PC

  • Oliver Michael
  • 01 Mar 2023
Atlas Fallen - Conquer the New World on PC Image

Atlas Fallen, the ultimate open-world survival game, is coming to PC on May 16th. The upcoming title focuses heavily on exploring and conquering the new world and offers players a unique experience that mixes land and sea exploration with intense combat and strategy.

Developed by Grapeshot games, Atlas Fallen is an ambitious project combining role-playing, fighting, and strategy games within an expansive open world. Players will explore the unknown seas, discover new continents, build massive ships, and even command their own armies in epic battles. With a variety of environments to explore, from tropical and frozen islands to desert oases and lush forests, Atlas Fallen promises to keep players immersed in its world for hours. The game also offers a crafting system that allows players to customize their ships, weapons, and gear to suit their playstyle.

Players can also join forces with other gamers in massive alliances and conquer the new world together. The game features a competitive ranking system that rewards those who climb the leaderboards with exclusive rewards and bragging rights.

Atlas Fallen will be available on PC for $49.99 USD. For PS5 and XSX/S consoles, it will cost $59.99.

Atlas Fallen is a unique open-world survival game that puts players in charge of their own destinies. With an expansive map to explore and a wealth of customization options, the game provides an immersive experience that combines exploration, combat, and strategy. The game will be released on May 16th, with a price tag of $59.99 USD.

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