An Unexpected Starfield Encounter: Player Loses Loot in Comical Snafu

  • Oliver Michael
  • 05 Sep 2023
An Unexpected Starfield Encounter: Player Loses Loot in Comical Snafu Image

Starfield, the latest spacefaring RPG by Bethesda Game Studios, has been creating ripples across the gaming community since its early access release on September 1. While players have mostly appreciated the game's promising features and grandeur, there have also been cases of hilarity ensuing from unexpected game bugs. One such incident reported on Reddit recently has become an amusing talking point for the Starfield gaming community.

The incident, shared by a Reddit user named thedemonsoul, took place on the Anselon moon, Kreet, within the Narion system. The player engaged with a group of three pirates who, instead of putting up a fight, unwittingly provided a moment of comic relief. In a strange glitch, the pirates clipped into a spaceship's loading bay. The player successfully neutralized the trio with a single grenade but faced an unforeseen snag while attempting to loot their bodies.

The ship hosting the unexpected pirate guests took to the sky before the looting could commence, taking the bodies and the loot along with it. The sight of the defeated pirates stuck headfirst in the spacecraft's hull while it soared into the void, unfortunately, devoid of the awaited rewards, was an unusual spectacle that left the player and the gaming community in splits.

This event quickly seized the attention of the Starfield subreddit, leading to an avalanche of amused responses and calling it a "classic" and an "all-time great Bethesda bug." Interestingly, the phenomenon drew parallels to an infamous Skyrim bug which caused giants to catapult adversaries into the air as an effect of converting excess damage into force.

Despite the minor glitches, overall early feedback for Starfield indicates a promising start with fewer bugs than is typical with Bethesda games. And while some bugs are frustrating, incidents like this highlight how others can add unintentional humor to the gaming experience. It also underscores the complexity and dynamism of this ambitious open-world RPG, providing a rare mix of humor and immersive gameplay. Even as Bethesda continues its track record of timely fixes, we can't help but look forward to more such amusing incidents in the expansive universe of Starfield.

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