A Massive Among Us Update Rolled Out, And It’s A Treat!

  • Oliver Michael
  • 04 Sep 2022
A Massive Among Us Update Rolled Out, And It’s A Treat! Image

Who could have imagined it back in 2018, when Among Us was first launched, that this pretty straightforward social deception game was to become one of the biggest hits of years to come? Shockingly but true, the game is still a smashing success in 2022, and for that, we have to thank its developer Innersloth, which has refused to stay idle and kept providing us with new content and regular updates featuring some excellent QoL improvements.

One of the latest updates detailed by the company in its dev blog contains a lot of fan-requested and much-awaited stuff, including two new cosmetic Cosmicubes – the Snack Cosmicube and the Feast Cosmicube – that can be purchased with either beans or stars. Next, the game’s storefront is getting a bit of polish, too: there is to be a Featured section with the latest cosmetic content that the user will run into immediately upon opening the store. Players will also now have a dedicated tab for buying stars and should enjoy a more streamlined sorting functionality that will let them sort by what is new.

Another aspect of the game that has been significantly improved is related to Sanctions: players who have been disconnected for messing with matchmaking will receive a message with more in-depth info on the ban. This should include the reason for imposing the ban, its end date and time, and a link to the game’s Code of Conduct they can familiarize themselves with while waiting to be allowed to play again. The patch also addresses over a dozen of minor flaws like broken cosmetics and bugging in-game chat logs.

What Among Us game update has been your favorite so far? What do you think contributes to the undying popularity of the game? Feel free to speak your mind in the comments section below this post, and do not forget to share this news piece with your Among Us-loving friends!


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