The Top 5 Free Virtual Reality Games You Shouldn't Miss

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 30 Nov 2023
The Top 5 Free Virtual Reality Games You Shouldn't Miss Image

The world of virtual reality is teeming with immersive experiences that cater to a variety of gaming tastes. While some offerings carry an entry fee, there is a wealth of VR games that offer rich, captivating worlds without costing a penny. Let's dive into the best free virtual reality games available right now, looking at their main features, as well as the definite upsides and occasional downsides, according to player reviews.

1. Rec Room

Rec Room

More than just a game, Rec Room is a bustling social VR hub where players can meet, interact, and engage in a wide array of activities. Whether you're into paintball, cooperative quests, or simply chatting with friends, this title has something for everyone.


  • There is a vast range of activities and games to participate in.
  • A friendly, casual environment that's perfect for socializing.
  • Regular updates and new content from the developers.


  • Can encounter some community toxicity, as with any online game.
  • The more elaborate games can sometimes be too chaotic for new players.

2. VRChat


Stepping into VRChat is like entering a new universe every time you play. This platform is all about user-generated content and self-expression, offering endless worlds created by its community.


  • An incredible variety of worlds and experiences ensures endless exploration.
  • Deep avatar customization that lets you be whoever - or whatever - you want.
  • Active community and social events.


  • Feeble moderation can sometimes lead to less-than-pleasant encounters.
  • Variety in content quality, as everything is user-generated.

3. The Lab

The Lab

Created by Valve, The Lab is a compilation of mini-games and experiences set within the iconic Portal universe. It's a perfect starter pack for those new to VR, combining humor with innovative gameplay.


  • An excellent introduction to VR, with intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Range of experience types, from shooting games to physics puzzles.
  • High-quality graphics and immersion as expected from Valve.


  • Content may be too simplistic and brief for experienced VR users.
  • Limited replay value compared to full-game titles.

4. Moon Rider

Moon Rider

As a browser-based VR game, Moon Rider challenges the norms by offering a Beat Saber-esque experience without the need for a download. Dive into a rhythm-filled world with a vast library of songs.


  • Accessible directly through a web browser without additional installation.
  • Enormous selection of songs and community-generated content.
  • Supports multiple headsets and play styles.


  • Browser-based nature can lead to performance issues or limitations.
  • Lacks the depth and polish of paid rhythm VR games.

5. DCS World Steam Edition

DCS World Steam Edition

For simulation enthusiasts, DCS World Steam Edition offers a hyper-realistic flight experience. With a commitment to detail and expansive air combat scenarios, this simulator is a flight enthusiast's dream come true.


  • Unmatched flight realism and detail.
  • Extensive array of aircraft with meticulously modeled cockpits and systems.
  • Supports VR for an unparalleled immersive experience.


  • High learning curve due to the intricate simulation aspects.
  • While the base game is free, high-quality aircraft models are available as paid DLC.

Concluding Thoughts: The Community's Choice

While all the aforementioned titles offer their unique charms, the community's heart seems to be set on the Rec Room. Cherished for its diversity and social nature, it stands as a testament to VR's potential to bring people together. Reviews praise its regular updates and the developers' dedication to creating an inviting virtual space for all. Whether you seek adventure, creativity, or companionship, Rec Room provides an excellent VR playground without the price tag.

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