Pokemon GO Raises Prices for Remote Raid Passes

  • Oliver Michael
  • 03 Apr 2023
Pokemon GO Raises Prices for Remote Raid Passes Image

Pokemon GO, the mobile game sensation from 2016, is making some changes to its popular Raid system. Niantic, the game's developer, has announced that it will be raising the price of Remote Raid passes, which allow players to join Raids from a distance. 

The Remote Raid pass was first introduced in 2020 and has been a popular feature among players. It allows players to join Raids even if they are not within the normal range of the Raid location. The new price of the pass is 100 PokeCoins, up from the original cost of 80 PokeCoins. 

Niantic has stated that the increased cost of the pass reflects the increased demand for the feature. They also mentioned that the additional cost will help them to continue to improve the feature and make it more accessible to players. In addition, they said that the increased cost will help to support the development of other features in the game. 

Despite the higher cost, the Remote Raid pass remains an attractive option for players who want to join Raids from a distance. It is still significantly cheaper than the cost of buying a number of regular Raid passes, which can cost upwards of 500 PokeCoins. 

The increased cost of the Remote Raid pass is a reflection of the current popularity of the feature. While the extra cost may be a disappointment to some players, it will help to ensure that the feature remains accessible and reliable for all players.

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