Overwatch 2: Five Epic Crossovers We’d Love to See After Season 7

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 09 Oct 2023
Overwatch 2: Five Epic Crossovers We’d Love to See After Season 7 Image

The highly anticipated Overwatch 2 Season 7 has heralded a new era of enthralling gaming experiences and collaborations like none other. The Diablo crossover has left fans with an insatiable desire for more intriguing partnerships. As we eagerly await what's next in store, here are five crossovers that, in our humble opinion, would be frame-perfect for Overwatch 2 after Season 7.

1. Overwatch 2 and Zelda Breath of the Wild

Overwatch 2 and Zelda Breath of the Wild

Blending the resonance of the expansive, post-apocalyptic Hyrule with the gripping, character-driven narratives of Overwatch 2 could create an unprecedented fusion. The characters from both games offer unique abilities that would enrich the gameplay style. The picturesque landscapes of Hyrule infused into Overwatch 2 maps undoubtedly make the gaming experience truly immersive.

2. Overwatch 2 and Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is replete with a plethora of characters who are already battle-hardened, making them perfect to explore the battlefield of Overwatch 2. Just imagine characters like Cloud, Tifa, or Lightning bringing their unique abilities into the dynamic world of Overwatch. The magical and surrealistic aesthetics of Final Fantasy blended with futuristic Overwatch 2 designs would certainly be eye candy for gamers.

3. Overwatch 2 and Star Wars

Overwatch 2 and Star Wars

Bringing Star Wars' intergalactic epic into Overwatch 2 could turn the game into a galaxy-wide battlefield. Iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Rey, with their unique lightsabers, could bring an exotic flavor to the character line-up. Integrating Star Wars’ planets as maps and embedding force abilities in gameplay would bring an exciting new depth to Overwatch 2.

4. Overwatch 2 and The Lord of The Rings

Merging the high-fantasy realm of Middle-earth with the riveting world of Overwatch 2 could offer players an unparalleled narrative depth. LoTR characters, with their charismatic personalities and diverse abilities, could translate well into Overwatch 2’s dynamic gameplay. In addition, the game could incorporate aspects of LoTR’s epic adventures into mission objectives, creating an undeniably captivating crossover.

5. Overwatch 2 and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Overwatch 2 and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

The vibrant pantheon of superhuman characters in the Marvel universe could notably boost the gameplay dynamics of Overwatch 2. Characters like Iron Man, Thor, or Hawkeye could bring their iconic powers into the Overwatch 2 showdowns, making every skirmish a thrilling event. The inclusion of iconic Marvel locations as battlegrounds would further elevate the gaming experience.


While all these crossovers would undeniably amp up the enthusiasm among gamers, the potential crossover with Marvel could be the most exciting. The reason is the vast range of superheroes that could enter this fresh and exciting narrative, not only enhancing gameplay dynamics but also adding a new layer of depth to it. Certainly, whatever Overwatch 2 decides to venture into next, the players are in for an engaging and immersive surprise.

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