Leslie Grace Breaks Silence on Canceled Batgirl Movie, Discusses Future with DC

  • Oliver Michael
  • 14 Feb 2023
Leslie Grace Breaks Silence on Canceled Batgirl Movie, Discusses Future with DC Image

Leslie Grace, the star of the planned but ultimately scrapped Batgirl movie for HBO Max, has finally addressed comments from DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran that the film was irrelevant. In a recent interview, she discussed her thoughts on the project's cancellation and what’s next for her in terms of working with DC.

When asked about Safran’s comments regarding why the film was canceled, Grace said that she had seen it and there were many talented people involved both in front of and behind the camera. However, she also felt that Warner Bros. Discovery president David Zaslav boldly chose to cancel it due to potential damage to the brand if released. As far as her future with DC is concerned, Grace revealed that while nothing is set in stone yet, she would love to continue working within their universe should an opportunity arise again in future projects or reprise her role as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl one day down the line.

Grace went on to praise both Safran and Zaslav for their decisions regarding Batgirl, saying they have shown tremendous respect for their fans over the years by always striving towards quality content rather than rushing something out just because they can. She even admired them both for being open-minded when it comes to taking risks with new ideas, citing Aquaman's success as proof that even when something doesn't work out at first - like was the unfortunate case here - it doesn't mean all hope is lost forever.

While we may never get to see Leslie grace donning a cape and cowl as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl now or anytime soon since this project has been shelved indefinitely; It's clear from these latest remarks from Grace herself how much respect she has for those at Dc who are making these tough calls behind closed doors so we can all enjoy quality entertainment based off our favorite superheroes no matter what platform it's released on!

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