How Music App Can Improve Yoga Routine

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 16 Sep 2021
How Music App Can Improve Yoga Routine Image

The right music can set you up in the perfect mood. Combined with yoga poses, it can relieve stress, soothe you, and ground you. Don't assume that your sessions need to be in complete silence to be effective. Modern practices involve the introduction of chants, special instruments, and mantras into yoga classes.

Scientific researches prove that music is important to our daily life, as it allows people to immerse themselves in the so-called "flow state." In this state, we feel good and are able to do our best. It is on this feeling of yourself and the surrounding world that Vinyasa yoga focuses on. This teaching is based on the theory of our organisms' natural rhythms (heartbeat, breathing, etc.), which can be maintained with the right melodies.

Fast music can increase your heart rate and energize you, while slow one will calm you down and slow your heartbeat. According to the pros, choosing the right songs is a science. So that you do not waste time and effort on your own song selection, there are unique apps like Daily Yoga, which have an extensive music library.

Whether you do yoga on your own or are a yoga teacher, you will find music for any purpose in the app collection. There are materials for nada yoga (also called "yoga of sound") sessions, mantra recitation, evening relaxation, and much more. In addition to this, there are also guided lessons, which are also an option for musical training.

While using tunes during sessions can be a great idea to stimulate your learning process and help you find yourself, it is not for everyone. If music is an important part of your life, chances are you will be distracted by it as you practice and pay less attention to your inner feelings. In this case, it is better to do yoga and listen to tracks separately. How do you feel about music in yoga? Please share your experience with other readers.

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