Five Remarkable Alternatives to Dishonored: A Closer Look at Story, Gameplay, and Setting

  • Oliver Michael
  • 11 Sep 2023
Five Remarkable Alternatives to Dishonored: A Closer Look at Story, Gameplay, and Setting Image

The iconic game "Dishonored" took the gaming world by storm with its gripping story, adaptive gameplay and beautifully crafted setting. Although a successful and highly adored game, there's always room for diversification. Gamers craving similar experiences while also desiring something fresh might sift through hundreds of games, finding it challenging to select alternatives that live up the expectations set by Dishonored. So, we have done the hard work for you and have compiled a list of the top 5 alternatives to Dishonored. Each of these games has been handpicked based on similar attributes, including engaging storylines, unique gameplay, and enticing settings.

1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided game

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an immersive, choice-driven narrative game that challenges players' ability to plan strategically and respond promptly to situations. Developed by Eidos Montreal, this is the type of game that can keep you up night after night, diving deep into a disquieting, dystopian future.


Like Dishonored, strategies and play style in Deus Ex are player-driven and rewarded differently. Players get to be purveyors of stealth, hacking their ways through objectives or barging in guns blazing. Regardless of style, choice, both in dialogue and gameplay, plays a massive role in the game progression, genuinely affecting the story and the world in impactful ways.

Story & Setting

The game takes place in the year 2029, where mechanically augmented humans have been ostracized from society, leading to a societal divide dubbed the "Mechanical Apartheid". You play as Adam Jensen, an augmented security expert navigating this precarious world.

2. Thief

Thief game

Thief proudly stands one of the most ingenious first-person perspective games which successfully mixes elements of stealth, adventure and fantasy. Developed by Eidos Montreal, this splendidly suspenseful game can reduce Dishonored fans to edge-of-the-seat players.


The game is densely based on stealth and encourages players to stay in the shadows to avoid enemies. The use of the surroundings to achieve objectives, the ability to manipulate NPC routines, makes Thief stand toe-to-toe with Dishonored's gameplay mechanics.

Story & Setting

In the game, you take control of an experienced thief named Garrett. The narrative is set in 'the City', a dark fantasy world inspired by steampunk, Victorian, and gothic aesthetics. The City is under the rule of the Baron, whose oppressive regime leads to a plot of conspiracy that Garrett finds himself in.

3. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite game

Produced by Irrational Games, Bioshock Infinite is an action-adventure tour-de-force that offers a riveting narrative coupled with FPS combat mechanics, which is a game sure to satiate the appetites of Dishonored enthusiasts.


The game has a perfect blend of gunplay and supernatural abilities which are – in various ways – quite reminiscent of Dishonored's own blend of swordplay, firearms and supernatural powers. Infinite heavily relies upon the use of the environment for cover, escape, or assault, adding layers to the combat.

Story & Setting

BioShock Infinite takes place in the late 1910s in Columbia, a floating city in the sky, and follows protagonist Booker DeWitt on his quest to rescue a woman named Elizabeth. As the story unfolds, DeWitt and Elizabeth form a bond and must work together to escape the hostile city.

4. Prey

Prey game

Developed by Arkane Studios, the same developers of Dishonored, Prey promises an engaging storyline and dynamic gameplay within a terrifying world. If Dishonored is your cup of tea, Prey will provide a flavour you're bound to savour.


The game offers an immersive play field, ripe with opportunity for creative problem-solving, just as Dishonored does. It allows the flexibility to approach situations in an array of styles, from stealth to combat and between.

Story & Setting

The sci-fi setting places you on Talos I, a space station hovering around the moon in 2032. You play as Morgan Yu, encountering hostile alien lifeforms while uncovering dark secrets of both the station and yourself.

5. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus gameplay

Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic saga that takes players on an intense journey across a devastated Russia. Developed by 4A Games, Metro Exodus offers a gameplay mix of stealth, survival and combat that Dishonored fans will appreciate.


Stealth is an integral part of the gameplay. Coupled with this is a vast assortment of weaponry at your disposal, plus a crafting system that allows for tactical equipment variation, ensuring a Dishonored-like flexibility to encounters.

Story & Setting

The narrative begins in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Moscow and expands into the frozen wilderness of Russia. You play as Artyom who, along with his comrades, sets off on an audacious journey on a modified locomotive named the Aurora across the devastated country.

In conclusion, every one of these games offers its unique experience while adhering to the elements that made Dishonored a fan favourite. This exploration should give you ample alternatives to get your Dishonored-esque gaming journey rolling in new and exciting environments. Happy Gaming!

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