Command the Oval Office: Top 10 Games That Place You as the Leader of the Free World

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 16 Jul 2023
Command the Oval Office: Top 10 Games That Place You as the Leader of the Free World Image

Video games are the ultimate form of escapism, allowing you to take on roles and experience worlds you would never be able to in real life. They let you be the hero, the anti-hero, or even the villain. But sometimes, the most gratifying position is to take on the mantle of leadership, especially as the President of the United States. Here, we explore the top 10 games that let you command the Oval Office, making crucial decisions on behalf of a nation.

10. Saints Row 4 (2013)

Saints Row 4 (2013)

The fourth installment in the Saints Row series deviates from its gangster origins to place you as the President of the United States. Faced with an alien invasion, you must use your newfound superpowers and absurd weaponry to save the Earth. Saints Row 4 blends hilarious satire with bombastic action, painting an over-the-top picture of presidential power.

9. Shadow President (1993)

Shadow President (1993)

This interactive geopolitical simulation game allows you to dictate American foreign policy. As the President in Shadow President, you handle real-world issues ranging from terrorism to economic crises, making decisions that affect various countries' relationships with the United States. It perfectly encapsulates the intricacies and pressures of running the world's most influential nation.

8. Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)

Call of Duty Black Ops (2010)

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, a popular first-person shooter, you briefly don the suit of none other than JFK, contending with zombies in a secret Pentagon level. The thrilling, undead wave-based gameplay combined with a dose of presidential badassery makes Black Ops an unforgettable player-in-chief experience.

7. Supreme Ruler Ultimate (2014)

Supreme Ruler Ultimate (2014)

For those yearning for a more strategic and realistic presidential experience, Supreme Ruler Ultimate offers an in-depth geopolitical simulation. As the American president, you manage various domestic and international factors, from resource management to diplomatic negotiations, all set in the backdrop of the world's political scene.

6. Metal Wolf Chaos (2004)

Metal Wolf Chaos (2004)

If you ever wondered how the presidency would look in a giant robot suit, Metal Wolf Chaos is your answer. This Japanese cult classic features President Michael Wilson, who battles to reclaim his country from a military coup led by his vice president. It's an exciting blend of action, humor, and downright quirkiness.

5. SuperPower 2 (2004)

SuperPower 2 (2004)

SuperPower 2 is a global geopolitical simulation game that allows you to control any nation, including the United States. From initiating diplomatic talks to deploying military units, you have unprecedented control over your nation's operations. The game offers an engaging and thought-provoking experience of global politics and power.

4. NBA Jam: On Fire (2010)

NBA Jam On Fire (2010)

Who said that being President is all about politics? NBA Jam: On Fire Edition allows you to play as Barack Obama, shooting hoops and dunking on your opponents. It's an absurdly fun and light-hearted take on the presidency that showcases a different sort of power fantasy.

3. This Is The President (2021)

This Is The President (2021)

This narrative-based political satire game puts you in the role of the 46th President of the United States. Balancing public approval, political adversaries, personal life, and shady underground dealings, This Is The President offers multifaceted gameplay and humorous insight into the trials of the presidency.

2. Sid Meier's Civilization 6 (2016)

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 (2016)

As the President in Civilization 6, you don't just lead a nation — you create one. This turn-based strategy game lets you shape American civilization from the ground up, influencing aspects from science to culture. It's a powerful, albeit abstract, interpretation of being President and the impact your decisions have on the course of history.

1. Democracy 4 (2020)

Democracy 4 (2020)

Topping our list is Democracy 4, a complex and engaging political simulation game. As the American president, you encounter realistic challenges, from managing the economy to addressing social issues, winning the favor of different voter groups, and, of course, getting re-elected. With intricate mechanics and a sophisticated AI electorate, Democracy 4 offers the most comprehensive presidential experience.


According to player reviews, Democracy 4 outshines the rest in terms of replayability and depth, making it the ideal game for players yearning for the complete presidential experience. It encapsulates the true essence of the president's role, making it the best choice for those who want to navigate the dynamic waters of conducting a nation.

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