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Amazing Frog?


  • Is the game multiplayer?
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    Yes, Amazing Frog? offers local multiplayer and split-screen options, allowing friends to play together and enjoy the chaotic and comical gameplay.
  • What platforms are available on?
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    Amazing Frog is primarily available on PC through the Steam platform, but it has also been released on other platforms, including Ouya.
  • Can I customize my frog?
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    Yes, numerous customization options within the game allow you to alter your frog's appearance, including outfits and accessories, to make your gameplay experience more personalized.
  • Is the game suitable for kids?
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    Amazing Frog? is generally considered suitable for all ages, offering a light-hearted and comedic experience without mature content, making it a fun choice for family gaming sessions.
  • What kind of activities can players do in Amazing Frog?
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    Players can engage in various activities, such as driving cars, using trampolines to perform stunts, exploring the vast open-world environment, and discovering hidden secrets and mini-games.
  • Do I need an internet connection to play Amazing Frog?
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    An internet connection is not required to play Amazing Frog? in its single-player mode, but you'll need one for downloading updates or the initial game from an online store.
  • Are there any goals in Amazing Frog?
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    While the game is a sandbox where players can create their own fun, there are tasks and missions to complete, which range from simple to challenging, giving a sense of direction and purpose in gameplay.
  • Can I play on my mobile device?
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    Currently, Amazing Frog? is not available on mobile devices. It must be played on platforms that support the game, such as PC through Steam.